Friday, September 9, 2005

John may have a donor!

I am so excited I could do cartwheels, even though I have never been able to do them before!  I'm singing for joy at the top of my lungs.  John may have a donor!  Oh praise God!

On Wednesday John called Hershey Medical Center (where he is going to have the bone marrow transplant) to ask if a donor was found for him yet.  Ruth, the RN who handles such matters, was not in.  So John left his name and number.

Yesterday, Ruth called back.  She told John that one more factor needed to be checked, but they think they have found him a perfect match.  A PERFECT match!  She told him to keep positive, because when everything has matched as it has thus far, the last piece almost always matches too.  She said by the time John comes to see Dr. Claxton on October 20th, they will be finished with what they need to do, and will be sure whether or not it is a match.

I am so excited.  Dr. Claxton told John at his initial appointment that he had an 80% chance of finding a donor.  While this is a high percentage, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, what if he was in the 20% who can't find a donor?  Well, today's news is a good sign.  It looks like his marrow type is not a real rare one.

So I hope they found a donor for him on the first check...

On another note, many of you have been asking how John is doing.  Well, his cancer is progressing.  His biggest problem is that his white blood cell count is very low, and he is catching everything that comes down the pike.  Recently he has had a cough, a skin infection, and a virus.  And then he caught the flu which he promptly gave to me.  I have to get a flu shot this fall because I can't afford to be sick also.

He also has a very low red blood count.  This makes him VERY sleepy.  He sleeps about 16 hours a day, sometimes more.  He is asleep right now (he hasn't gotten up yet today) and it is 5:20 PM.  This causes me a lot of lonliness, but that is material for a whole nother journal entry.  This one is getting too long.  I don't want it to sound like he has totally fallen apart - we do have some time where we can do things together, and we are making the time together very quality time. 

Well, bye for now.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Love you all, Krissy :)   


  1. I am still so excited!! I can't wait til Oct. 20!!!
    Linda :)

  2. Awesome about the donor Krissy.
    I didn't realize that he needed to sleep that much.  But I guess that is what his body needs.
    Hope you all have a good weekend.  
    I wonder if the flu shots will be in such a great demand this year like last year.  Remember there was a shortage, some tainted batches, and all sorts of problems.

  3. As you know, I'm still praying.  Love to both of you, Penny

  4. As you know Krissy, I am so happy and excited for you both.  Big hugs.

  5. Krissy this is no more than you and John deserve - Keep happy Keep well...Ally

  6. Wonderful news on the donor!  I'm continuing my prayers!  

  7. TBADT, do you think they could even tell you before the 20th, honey?  I wonder?  If you need some help if John1 is sleeping too much let me know.  I will help you out.  Remember, too, that you guys can come over!  We need to do that again soon!  Why are we not doing that??  We need to get our "lfc" up and running again!  I am excited about this potential donor!  Still have a bounce in my step and a smile :-).  I will get my flu shot as well.  Can John1 get one?  Love you!!! xoxox

  8. Isn't there something they can give John for the anemia?  If there is, it might help him have a bit more energy.

  9. Krissy that's fantastic news!!
    For some reason I thought the search for a donor would be much longer, I'm so glad that I was wrong, and a possible perfect match has been found already :o)
    ((((( to you both )))))
    Sara   x

  10. What a great journal...i'll be sure to check in this journal also.  God Bless you both! -Kellen

  11. Krissy if john is seeping so much and his count is down cant the give him a tranfusion ?..............Kasey

  12. This is very difficult stuff...JAE

  13. can he have a transfusion to increase his white cell count. I am so pleased he has a donor..............Jules xxxxxx

  14. I am so exited!! CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! I thought it was gonna take a very long time to find a donor!

  15. This is the best news...I cannot wait to hear how things go when the time comes.
    Hugs and prayers for all to go well,

  16. this entry made me SMILE!!Roll on October 20th!