Thursday, September 8, 2005

A battery of tests

Upon coming home from the honeymoon, reality began to set in.  The possibility that John had cancer again loomed large.  yet I wasn't really sure.  Maybe he didn't have it.  Maybe there was another explanation.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn't.  I couldn't get any peace to my mind.

He immediately went in for a battery of tests.  I don't remember them all.  There was a CT scan and a PET scan.  Oh yeah, and a bone marrow biopsy.  How could I forget that one?  That was the one that hurt my beloved so badly.  They had to core some of the bone out of his pelvis while he was still awake.  And this was the test that eventually showed that he had MDS.  They merely took the marrow in the bones and looked at it under a microscope to make the diagnosis.  There were other tests that helped confirm the MDS, but the bone marrow biopsy was the main indicator of it.

Anyway, we didn't know the results right away.  For some reason it took three weeks for the oncologist to get the results back and analyze them.  Both the oncologist and we were still suspecting that the problem was the return of the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

So imagine mine and John's surprise as we sat in Dr. Ford's office that day and he said, "I have some good news for you.  You don't have Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma John."

"Great!"  John and I both blurted out in relief at the same time. 

Then he quickly added, "You have Myelodyspalsia."

Little did we know that from that day forward our lives would never be the same. 


  1. That was very cruel of that doctor. What was he a sadist. He should have just given you the diagnosis and then say but you don't have the other. :(

  2. To be told the news in such a way is dreadful....Hopes built to be shattered...but there is always hope ....Never give up on hope.....Ally

  3. I am reading every entry Krissy.
    I just don't  quite know how to comment on these.
    I just wanted you to know I was reading.

  4. I have to agree with the other comments about the way you and John were told about the results Krissy.  What a thing to say, that he had good news.  
    Sara   x

  5. (((( K & J )))) xxrRache

  6. In trying to take the edge of the bad news, the doctor made it worse. I follow this misadventure wishing I could do something more than say, "Hang in there."

  7. I hate them fast change of sure does change your life...........Kasey

  8. Oh my praying for you


  9. I am so glad you invited me to share in this journal.  I am having a crazy week with the kids, sorry I didn't get here sooner.  As always, you and John are in my prayers.

    Be well,

  10. Obviously he did not have good news, so what is his point?   Anyway, now it is time to find out about a donor.   You had wanted to know about my Mom.  She left me a recording on my answering machine saying that her lymph nodes would have to be removed.   She will let me know when she finds out more about the test results.    Take care, and God bless,    mark

  11. thank you for allowing me to read your private journal. I'm honored to share this experience with you and by the grace of the Lord, I'm hoping and praying John will be completely healed.

    Here's one of my favorite verses:

    Jeremiah 32:27 - I am the Lord, the God of all creation; is anything too hard for me".

    I pray this over a lot of difficult situations. I'm going to pray it daily for John.

    thank you,


  12. I will keep checking up as the story unfolds. Thanks for including me. God Bless you both!!! I believe in angels very strongly and know that you each have your special guardian angels. Mine happens to be Michael; have you ever thought/felt a name for yours? ((((((((((((((((K & J))))))))))))))))))))))))) Sassy

    PS. Here is a link for last weeks SKY photo...Would you send me the link for that journal so I can be sure to put it near this one where I can find it?!

  13. Yes, Krissy, that IS a weird way that the doc told you the news.  I am glad you have this journal, my dearest..Hugs to you...xoxoxox

  14. Some doctors just don't have a very good bedside manner.  The doctor should have, could have expressed it in a different way.  Waiting for results is such a long, mind-wrenching time.  Prayers continued!