Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chemo Angels

Hi everyone.  In the last entry I was talking about some important things and wanted to give you an update.  But I am going to save that for another entry.  I have something else I wanted to talk about tonight.  I wanted to ask for prayers and good thoughts for something.

I am hoping that John gets into a program called "Chemo Angels".  I found out about the program through two journalers.  If you want to know more about it the website is  What they do is match a "Chemo Angel" with a cancer patient.  The Chemo Angel sends the patient cards, post cards, letters, and sometimes even a magazine subscription or something to eat.  

First I didn't know if John would qualify for the program.  The site said it was for patients currently going through chemo.  John will have to go through chemo, and maybe radiation, and then a bone marrow transplant, but not quite yet.  So I emailed the Chemo Angel Network, told them he had MDS, explained that he was going to have a bone marrow transplant, and told them his health condition and how many hours he was sleeping a day.  They emailed back and said he would qualify.  Then they asked me to fill out a form on the internet at the site.

I talked to John about it, and he said that getting a card or a postcard from somebody would really cheer him up.  It would really make his day.  He became very excited.

So I proceeded to fill out the form.  When I was done I hit submit.  To my surprise it stated, "If you are selected, you will hear back from us within ten days."  I am so nervous.  What if I don't hear back?  I really want this for John.  He deserves to be cheered up!  I am also worried that I filled out parts of the form wrong.  Where they said put his oncologist down, it said: address, city and state.  I thought that that meant to put the city and state.  Now I am wondering if they wanted the street address.  If they can't verify him through his oncologist maybe they won't accept him.  

Anyway, please pray that he gets accepted.  I want him to get a card or postcard sometimes to cheer him up.  Or whatever.  

Thanks, Krissy


  1. This is such a fabulous organization.  I'm sure they will do everything possible to help you and John.  Keep us posted.

  2. sounds like a  wonderful krissey. How is john doing?


  3. Hi Krissy, I do hope John gets on the program. I will be going to New England on the 4th October and I will gladly send you both a postcard if you email me your address. I have already got about eight journallers addresses to send them cards.

  4. Between oursleves, there is a postcard on its way from Merry England.  Posted  on Monday Krissy, so should get it maybe end of the week, beginning of next. More tidbits will follow. Take care. Love to John and Val. Big hugs for you.
    Sylvia xxx

  5. I think that this is a great idea, anything that will help to lift John's spirits can only be good.  I have another idea.  How about asking people here in J-land to send cards and postcards every now and then too.  I would be happy to, and I'm sure that others would too.  Maybe you could set up a post office box, or have them sent somewhere else, your church maybe, so that you wouldn't have to hand your address out to anyone and everyone?  Just a though m'dear :o)
    Sara   x

  6. Will be praying hard Krissy this sounds like a wonderful idea.  Are you still at the same address because Mike and I could send a card now and again .

  7. Oh what a great idea let me know if i can help ok


  8. Krissy,
    This sounds so wonderful.  I will be praying that he is accepted.  Love bunches LuAnne

  9. Keeping you and John and him getting into Chemo Angels in my prayers, Krissy; can we also send cards?


  10. Of course I will pray. I would talk to the hospital as well. I know there are MANY volunteer support groups of folks who do very similar work. There was one in my hometown that every week, once or twice a week, my mother would receieve a visit from someone suffering from breast cancer and the two of them would talk. It helped her like nothing else, I think.

  11. aww what a sweet idea.  I'll be his angel! LOL  If you feel comfortable e-mail me his address so I can send cards and prayers your guys way, even if he does get into the program I would love to be an encourager too and I am sure many around J~Land are the same way.

    Much Love,

  12. That`s a lovely idea Krissy.  I don`t have your new address though.  I will send John some Ecards too.  I`m sure you`ll be ok with the Chemoangels, as I would have thought that others make mistakes on the form.  Take care both of you.


    Sandra xxxx

  13. That wuld be great...Kasey

  14. It's a wonderful idea, it's nice when the posty brings a lovely message through the door. xxRache

  15. Krissy - E mail me your address would love to send John cards - postcards etc...Ally

  16. Maybe you should do it again??? Was there a place for comments where you could say...this is a second submission because I goofed?  I hope he gets in too!  I think it is wonderful!!

    Be well,

  17. I would love to send John card/postcards.... I like the idea of you setting up a post office box or address and letting those of us here in J-land send things to John. Keeping his spirits up is important! I hope he gets in the Angel program, but you could also let us be his 'angels' also!

  18. This is a wonderful idea, it will probably work out fine.
    I however am a really good card sender too... :)
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Hi You guys (John and)Krissy),,,,,,I will have a card in the mail as soon as possible.....what a wonderful idea.......I think I got so excited for you that I may have already sent a comment.....oh wwell two wont hurt....thinking of you are often on my mind and always in my you

  20. Krissy. .would love to send John a card across the miles. .let me have your adress but will understand if you do not want to give it to me.Take care!

  21. I hope they contact him!!!  I was contemplating signing up my Mom, too.  She is having treatment, but she is terminal.  Also, it asked that you not sign up someone without their knowledge.  But, I am afraid if I ask my Mom (she will agree, for sure) and then they DON'T contact her, she will feel, I don't know if I should...JAE

  22. I sure hope they contact John on this...sounds great.  I would love to send John postcards and cards...please send me your address...he will be at the top of my list of mail going out as soon as I get it.  Anything to cheer him up and hopefully you will not be left out, that is for sure!  Love you both, take care..

  23. This sounds nice for you both.I really hope John is chosen.Am praying for him.