Saturday, January 28, 2006

The transplant took place

Yesterday the transplant took place from 11:45 till 1:45 am.  Dr. Claxton gave John two bags of stem cells.  The first bag took one hour.  Then he had a fifteen minute break, and the second bag took 45 minutes.

The reason why he had a 15 minute break in between is because he had a reaction when the first bag of stem cells were going in.  It is something called "flushing".  It is when you turn very cold and you start to shiver.  It was very hard to watch him shake so violently.  I mean he shook so violently, like he was having a seizure it looked like.  The doctor and nurse looked concerned at points.  He shook more violently and then the nurse gave him a bag of demarol to make him stop shaking.  Awhile after the first bag of cells went in, the shaking stopped.  Poor John, he said that he had strained his muscles.  He had strained the muscles in his back, shoulders, legs and arms.

The second bag went in very uneventful. 

When done John suddenly felt EXTREMELY wiped out.  He said he felt like he had no blood left in him.  Like they had drained all the blood out of him.  This of course is par for the course; he should be extremely tired for six to nine months at least.  After a little while he said he felt some better though.

I am making this sound somewhat dreary.  They said he is doing excellently.  They may even release John from the hospital this weekend and just have him go to day hospital everyday.  He will just go to day hospital every morning (probably 9 am till sometime around 1 pm) and then be released to come back to Hope Lodge.  They will be checking out everything on him when he goes to the hospital, doing all kinds of tests.  And then he will come back to Hope Lodge everyday.  Then he will get back in bed.  He will be doing this for months.  Just day hospital and bed.  But the staff said he has to come to the dining room to eat because the bedrooms are sterile.  They said if he can't make it to the dining room, then he belongs back in the hospital.  So it will be hospital, bed, and dining room for months, that isit.  And whenever he leaves Hope Lodge or the hospital he has to put on a mask.  He doesn't have to wear the mask in the hospital or Hope Lodge though.  But we are debating whether or not he should wear a mask at Hope Lodge.  Because there are a lot of people who cough a lot here.

Let's see.  What else.  The nurse told John he was blood type A positive, but after the transplant would be O positive.  You take on the donor's blood type!  How about that!  

Well, that is about it.  How am I doing?  I think I held up exceptionally during the transplant.  I was really there for him.  I stayed there all day to be with him, and some of the night.  Then he told me to come back to Hope Lodge and get some sleep.  

I feel pretty good.  On the other hand, I feel like crying, but tears won't come.  It is hard to see someone so healthy be made sick.  I know he needed to have this done to stay alive, but it is hard to see someone who looked so healthy be made sick, so he can become well again.  I am doing well, but am kind of numb, and my Sissy Val said tears will probably come in a few days.  She said it will be normal, because I watched somebody I love, my husband, hurting.  

I am grateful he had the transplant though, praise God he has this chance at life. 

Things are going to be just fine, there will just be a long road of recovery ahead from John.  But he is tough and a fighter and a trooper.  With a great positive attitude.

Thank you all for your prayers, and your words of comfort, and your cards.  They mean everything to me.

Love, Krissy :)        


  1. I'm so glad the transplant is over and you both came through it well. Great news that John may be able to leave the ward and stay at Hope Lodge this weekend. You won't cry yet, you're probably in a state of numbness, it's the body's way of coping wioth stress. John still needs you there by his side, later on when it's all over you'll cry. I hope John continues to do well; yes he should wear a mask at the lodge if people are coughing, no sense in taking risks now. Jeannette.

  2. I'm glad it's over . Your husband is lucky to have you.
    God Bless.

  3. Glad its all over.You must be exremely releived and now John can start his recovery and hopefully it will be a speedy one.God Bless you both and John is a lucky man to have you.Stay Positive.

  4. Krissy,
    John is now on the road to complete recovery.  It's kind of like how God works when he lifts us up.  Sometimes we are at the bottom so he can reach us.  But God has John and, of course, you in his hands.  I am continuing to pray for you guys.  Hugs, Lu

  5. Glad that the tranplant is done:) praying for you and john:)


  6. Hi Krissy, I`m so pleased that the transpalnt is over.  Now John can slowly recover and get fully well again. Thanks for the update and take care of yourself too.  :o)

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  7. Let his healing begin.  Praise God that it is over and now you two can plan for the future.  Krissy, you need to take time for yourself to heal as well.  Prayers for you both.      Dawn

  8. krissy!!!  u rock girl, u are doing sooo great about all this.  I was glad to read u had a good cry day,  u need to do!!  if u are worried about john at hope lodge then say NO! we are staying here,  even as close as it is , the hospital is a better place for the next couple weeks til he has some white count.......
    2 when in doubt wear a mask!!!!  no questions asked.   u have to know joh has absoluetly NO way to fight off any infection, not one tiny white cell,  well maybe one.......
    alot of people have the shake reation to blood products,  so make sure when they are going to give him platelets or whole blood they give him something first,  just in case.
    I amoff to lunch with michelleand a nother lady who had a BMT from dallas we have never met, and maybe letty if her counts are good will take pics and send them on!!!  wish u were here, we will toast u and john at lunch tho!
    big hugs,  patti aka parrothead

  9. Keep on "Keepin' On"!  This is all going just as it should.   Yes, you ARE lucky to have each special.

  10. Yes, Krissy, you have done remarkably well with all of this!  John is very fortunate to have you in his life.  I agree with your sister; the tears may come, eventually.  You have been through a lot of emotional upheaval.  You are doing great!!!  Tell John "hi"!  JAE

  11. Praise God!  Now the long recovery.  We are here with you in spirit and in prayer.  All our love, Rob, Andrea and Penny

  12. I am so glad it is done... This has been so stressful, lol, and I am not even there, I can only imagine what you and John are feeling...
    Now on to healing!!!
    Lots of love and hugs!
    Linda :)

  13. I'm so glad he's doing well.  Both of you are such an inspiration.  I didn't know you took on the donor's blood type....interesting.
    Love, Kellen

  14. My TBADT and MTP, I love you and miss you!!!!!  Yes, have John John wear the mask!  Why take a risk?!  It was so good talking to you last night.  So, don't forget your min-breaks and don't forget to drink, drink, drink!!  Take a hot bath today for your muscles if you can and call the Salvation Army, too!  I love you guys sooooo much!  Michael is very well!! xox

  15. Hi Krissy!

    I've been lurking, but couldn't get my message to stay in!  Darrell did some work on it, so I'll try again.

    I'm so glad you both came through it ok.  I've been very worried.  I'm with you I can't hardly stand to hear about someone being "made" sick.  I can't understand that!  But so grateful that he is doing better.  

    I'm just going to keep on my Oasis products and maybe, maybe God will let that be enough to fight diseases.

    God Bless You Both!


  16. Sorry that I haven't sent any mail yet.  But I have been keeping you and John in my prayers.


  17. John is hopefully on the road to recovery Krissy and in safe hands. It's time to care for yourself now, get plenty of rest, while you can my friend. It's so easy to burn yourself out, caring for loved ones. Lots of hugs.
    Sylvia xxxxxx

  18. Krissy, thank you so much for the update! You are one incredible woman!! I'm glad to hear that they are considering letting John out of the hospital for brief periods of time. I imagined he would be in a sterile room at the hospital with everyone having to gown up each and every time they came in to see him. To have him being able to go out seems like a good sign!

    That's interesting how he becomes the blood type of the donor.

    You take care of yourself, Krissy. Long road ahead; pace yourself like you are running a marathon because that is what you are doing......


  19. I came by to see how John is doing.Oh Krissy,this is very hard for you to watch . . keep strong and its ok to cry. . .Johns in good hands.Still including you both in prayers. x x x x x x x x x x

  20. Krissy I'm glad that he made it through alright.  I am continuing to pray for you and John.  Please keep us updated as you can, and don't be afraid to let it out hon, that's what we're here for.

  21. How interesting about his blood type changing! I never would have suspected that.

    Now, let the healing begin!! Oh, and as for you not crying? Well, you have been on such a roller coaster the last few months, that you are probably just in a kind of 'state of shock' and then Boom! One day it will hit you. I think that is probably quite normal.

    Give John extra hugs, and you hang in there!

  22. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.  Take care of John and yourself.


  23. Wonderful news Krissy that the transplant has taken place.  That is the worst of it over.  Now he has to have lots of care but I think wearing the mask would be a good idea if people are coughing a lot in Hope Lodge.  Card is on its way.

  24. Krissy,
    Glad to hear things are going sooo well for you and John.  You remain in my prayers of course!!!!!!
    Hang in there!!!!!!
    If you need to vent --looks like you have lots of people willing to listen--so you go right ahead and do so!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Sounds like a great beginning. Hang in there. God Bless you both~Sassy

  26. I am so happy to hear the good news, stay strong flower, you are doing great :).............Jules xxx

  27. glad it all went well you two deserved that good news