Wednesday, January 4, 2006

A little bit nervous

I'm frustrated.  Here it is Wednesday, and John and I still don't know the exact date of when the transplant will be.  Todd, the nurse coordinator, called me Monday morning and told me that he would tell me very soon when it would be.  He said that he might be able to tell me that very day or maybe Tuesday.  He was waiting for the donor to get back with him and let him know when he could get off from work to donate his bone marrow.  Here it is Wednesday night and no word.

I don't blame Todd, I don't blame the donor, I don't blame anybody.  Why should I?  Maybe the donor just can't arrange time off from work yet.  I am just scared is all.  My mind is getting away from me.  I am thinking, what if the donor has changed his mind?  I won't be one hundred percent settled until I hear that the donor has a date set that he will donate, and that there is a date for the transplant, and a date for John to enter the hospital.  Then I will relax.  I know I need to trust God, but it is hard to be in my position. 

Another thing that is frustrating is that some of the tests that John were supposed to have done locally were never administered to him.  He was overlooked and he fell through the cracks.  He called three days in a row this week, and they kept saying things like, "Oh, we stuck your orders in your file, we will pull them out, so we can have those tests done."  The next day John called and the nurse said she would check and see what was going on and she would call him back.  She never did.  Same thing with today.  If these tests aren't done John can't get the transplant.  They have to be done and read in time for the transplant.  They better get on the ball, as we don't want the transplant to be delayed over such ineptness.

Speaking of tests, John and I are returning to Hershey tomorrow so he can get another bone marrow biopsy.  They are going to do "staging of his cancer" so they can have a baseline for the future after the transplant, to see if he is cured.  

I have decided to be in the room with him, because he asked me too.  Maybe I shouldn't do it this time, but he really wants me to.  So I just won't look.

Well, that's enough for now, I gotta go, John and I are going to have a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.  It was his birthday yesterday and we want to celebrate.  We also rented a movie.  It should be fun!  He is 44.  I will come back after the appointment tomorrow and let ya'll know how it went.

Blessings, Krissy :)        


  1. Happy belated birthday, John (did you get my email card?).

    Krissy, take a deep breath and remember who is in control. The Lord is there watching over you. Try not to be anxious. You can read a whole bunch of stuff in to why you haven't been contacted yet, but it could be something simple like the donor hasn't been able to coordinate time yet because maybe he's been sick or a family member has been sick, etc. So you need to just trust the Lord. Remember, the Lord knows exactly when that transplant is going to be.

    Psalm 31:14 says "My times are in your hands". We have to believe that.

    I'm glad you are going to be with John tomorrow for the bone marrow biopsy. Just look into John's eyes while the procedure is happening and remember all the wonderful things about why you love him so much. I'll be definitely praying and thinking about you guys tomorrow.

    Enjoy your cake!


  2. Wishing John a belated happy birthday...and keep those positive thoughts know that old saying, a watched pot never boils, well the same goes for the will ring when you least expect it with your wonderful news for John and the date!
    Many hugs and love,

  3. Belated Birthday Greetings to John, I'm sorry but am behind with reading and didn't realise it was his birthday.
    I hope they get those tests sorted quickly for John, neither of you need extra strain at the moment. Get a family member to chase these tests up.
    My thoughts are with you both and am sending my love.
    Sylvia xxx

  4. Happy Birthday John sorry its late :) praying for you both


  5. You two have a special birthday evening together Krissy.  It's tension you're feeling, trust in what guides you and always has. John needs something familiar with him tomorrow, something he can hold on to, I know you'll come through for him, focus on times together and not the surroundings (((( many hugs and thoughts )))) Rache xx

  6. Happy Birthday, John!  Have a fun night together!  JAE

  7. You both are in my paryers. Remember, you are not alone!

  8. Hope things will fall into place soon.  You're in my prayers. Tell John a Happy Belated Birthday.

  9. I'm sorry I missed John's birthday!  Happy 44th, John :)  I hope the cake was deeelicious.  You are both csonstantly in our prayers.  If they won't pay attention to you, kids . . . send me the number and I'll call them!  Love you both, Penny

  10. I can understand your anxiety over the dithering at the hospital. I'm glad you'll be with John tomorrow at his biopsy, he really does need you now. I hope all goes well and you get a date for the transplant. Happy belated birthday to John. love Jeannette xx

  11. Krissy everything will be OK - not long to go now.....Thinking of you both....Ally

  12. Krissy..if they keep forgetting to do the test..Call the doc that ordered them...and ask why the test havent been every day  and tell them you will call every morning and afternoon.....this is his life you are talking about until the test are done... and some one   can tel you why they havent done them...if you get no answer tell them you are going to call the AMA or the state if you dont get answers bet their butt get moving then.....prayers Kasey

  13. Oh I can see why you would be frustrated.  It is hard enough to wait, and it's hard enough to have to go thru all this, w/o such incompetence from the medical team.  Seems like we see that more and more.  We are going to have to really manage our own health as you cannot depend on the staff sometimes.   I will say a prayer that you know something soon.  Happy belated birthday to John and hope you enjoyed that cake.  Guess what.  If you left this on the 4th and said his bday was "yesterday" that means it was on the 3rd?  So he and I have the same birthday as mine is also on the 3rd.  LOL.  

  14. Hi Krissy, I hope Johnhad a lovely birthday and his day went well.  I`m sure you are frustrated but you seem to be coping so well.  I know I`d be climbing the walls if I were in your position,  but I`m sure it will all go well.  Thanks for the update, best wishes to you both, :o)


    Sandra xxxx

  15. Krissy, I hope that things went well today, I remember you saying how painful the bone marrow biopsy's were before.
    ((((( John and Krissy )))))
    I hope that John had a lovely day yesterday :o)
    Sara   x

  16. sorry hope it all works out