Friday, December 23, 2005

Transplants in mid January

Merry almost Christmas!  Hope this finds you and yours full of the joy of the season.

Okay, so I said I would get back and let you all know about yesterday's appointment.  I will try not to make this as long a report as yesterday's entry, lol.

First let me say that John's transplant has been moved back to mid January.  Probably January 16th.  This is because they want him to do three additional days of tests.  Some of the tests will be on the 26th of December (here locally), some on the 29th of December (in Hershey), and some on January 5th (in Hershey).  The 5th will be the worst of the tests.  On that day John will have another Bone Marrow Biopsy and his disease will be staged.  He won't have the transplant on the 5th, but a biopsy again.  I asked him if he wanted me to be in the room.  He said yes.  So I guess I will do it for him.  I will do it for him, because I will do anything for him.  I will just turn my head and not look this time.

The nurse coordinator told the oncologist he wanted the transplant to occur as soon as possible after the tests are completed.  The nurse coordinator (Todd) is actually the one who sets up the date for the transplant.  I heard the nurse coordinator telling another nurse that he had finally gotten the donor to agree to go through with donating for the transplant.  This scares me a little as I don't want the donor to change his mind.  Please pray everybody that the donor doesn't change his mind. 

Todd, the nurse coordinator, said that he would make sure that the Neupogen (that expensive medicine) would be covered by the pharmaceutical company.  I still am a little leary, and wonder if later on it will come back to haunt us if we just trust him, but that is what I guess we will have to do.  He also said to go ahead and go with the prescription drug plan we had chosen.  I wanted him to look over it and make sure, to make sure we hadn't left off any transplant meds, but he was like, "don't worry, just order the plan".  I am a little scared to do that also.  If I am ordering a plan that does not contain one drug on it, it could be hundreds of dollars again.  I don't know why he couldn't have just taken ten minutes and looked at it.  He told me we had already discussed it and not to worry.  Hope he's right, lol.

Most of yesterday's appointment was spent by John reading and understanding a number of lengthy forms.  The most important one was the Consent Form.  They gave him a bunch of possible side effects and risks of the chemo and the transplant.  He was asked if he wanted to still have the transplant, and he signed on the dotted line.  He was told that 50 non-ablative transplants had been done at that transplant center and 7 or 8 people had died.  I thought YIKES.  He immediately said, "Oh, good, I can risk those odds".  I was amazed at what a trooper he was.       

We didn't have time to see the psychiatrist or for John to do an Advanced Directive, so those will have to be saved for the 29th.  They did have time to draw lots of blood from him though, including doing an HIV test.  

OKay,  this is about it, since I said I would only give the skinny.  Well, real quick, how am I doing?  Fairly well. 

How is John doing?  I am asking him right now:  "I am feeling fairly positive right now.  I am somewhat concerned about the graft vs. host disease, but I am fairly positive."

We are having a fun time right now doing Christmasy things.  Staying positive.  Yes, there is stress, but we are staying positive. 

Merry Christmas, Love you all lots, Krissy :)


  1. yo guys!!  at least you have some answers..........the donor will be fine,  he/she is just scared but will work thru it!!
    the nurse 'todd' probably has read/seen lots of info on the different insurance plans , so I would not worry about 'going for it' on the chosen plan.  and yes the medical companies are great about helping out with free meds when they can.
    the neupogen is one he needs pre transplant only, I think, so it will not be a concern after BMT
    remember I was given a 27% chance of survival and here I am kicking along causing trouble 8 years later......  I did have a sibling match and I had no GVHD.,..which worried us all,  but no problem so far......
    glad u are doing some christmasy things, I am very proud how great u two are handling it all!!  it is all very tough...........
     merry christmas and keep smiling!!

    patti aka parrothead

  2. This is certainly a time for hopefulness.  Have a peaceful Christmas  & a very Blessed New Year.

  3. Merry Christmas Krissy and John praying for you both:)


  4. Merry Christmas and a have a Happy New Year.Praying that Johns treatments will go ok.

  5. You both deserve for this to go right Krissy. I'm here praying for you, I so admire your courage and positive attitude in this. I hope the tests go OK. Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope the new year will bring you and John good health and happiness. Jeannette xx

  6. Merry Christmas to you both !  I hope you enjoy this Holy Season full of wonder and awe!  Make some wonderful memories ! You are always in my prayers .
    'On Ya' - ma

  7. Happy Jesus' birthday to my dancing second and third parts!! LOL  Yes, sissy just enroll John...don't forget cuz it is getting late..almost the 31st!!  Don't wait..I am sooooo proud of you, my rock!!  The meds will be prayed for..I love you guys!!!  YTP xoxox

  8. Merry Christmas!--I'll be praying for you guys.

  9. Krissy, hope everything goes well for John are both in my thoughts...Have a wonderful Christmas....Ally

  10. It sounds like a lot was accomplished at the appt.  I wanted to call you, but didn't talk to anyone yesterday.  You are in my prayers and on our hearts.  Enjoy your Christmas tomorrow.  Love, Penny

  11. Merry Christmas dear Krissy and John.  
    I wish you a day of peace and happiness.
    ((((( Krissy and John )))))
    Sara   x

  12. God's continued blessings for you both and have some Christmas fun! ;-) Deb

  13. Merry Christmas John and Krissy. Rache xx

  14. Merry Christmas to two very special people.
    Lots of love Sylvia xx

  15. Merry Christmas.....continue to think positive...I know it is hard at times...but we jut have to place our faith in God........prayers..........Kasey

  16. Krissy,
    You and John are going to have a Blessed New Year.  Hugs, Lu

  17. I think you are quite the trooper, also!  What a great team you two make...JAE