Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The time draws near

Hi all.  I Hope you are having a good Christmas Season.  So many fun things to do, and so many ways to keep busy!

So tomorrow John is meeting again with Dr. Claxton at Hershey Medical Center.  He is having some bloodwork drawn and will be speaking to Dr. Claxton about some things.  Dr. Claxton will have him sign the consent form for the transplant.

It is going to be such a busy day.  Before speaking to Dr. Claxton, John will meet with the doctor's nurse to discuss the best Prescription Drug Care Plan for him.  One of John's insurances is Medicare, and he must pick a plan.  I have done research, and unfortunately none of the plans cover all the medications he will need next year.  I found the plan that will cover all the meds he is currently taking though, and all of the post-transplant meds, but one, that he will need in 2006.  The drug that he will need that is not covered is Neupogen.  It elevates the white blood cell count.  Needless to say, you need the medicine to live.  But it is not covered by the best plan, so they are telling him he will have to pay it out of pocket.  It only costs $366.13 per month, lol.  If he goes with a different plan where it is partially covered, then they won't pay for the other transplant drugs! So what I am basically trying to say is that we are supposed to pay $366.13 a month out of pocket, lol.  Not possible on our income.   

So after deciding if it is the best plan, the nurse is going to petition the drug company that makes Neupogen, and ask them if they will allow John to just have the drug for free.  Sometimes the drug companies do this in the US.  They have mercy upon you and give away a free drug if you can't afford it.  If that is the case, then I am going to enroll John in the health care plan.  It has to be done by December 31st. 

Let's see, what else needs to be done, lol.  John has to meet with a psychiatrist and psych nurse that will be following his case while he is going to be havinghis transplant. 

And then there is meeting with the Chaplain, to make an official Advanced Directive.  I guess that is like a living will, or a Medical Power of Attorney or something.  Are we tired yet?

And then finally it is off to the social worker to find out if we can get into Hope House; the social worker is the one who has to call and get us into Hope House.

Now, the how am I feeling part, lol.  Wow, John will probably get his date tomorrow that he will get his transplant.  That is kind of scary.  The days are ticking down.  Not really scary.  We are very much at peace, both of us.  But as the days get closer, it gets a little bit, well, more serious I guess. 

The nurse told John on the phone today that he has to come back on the 29th of December for bloodwork, and that the donor has to come on the 28th to be tested to see if he can give the bone marrow.  This makes me believe that the transplant will be at the very beginning of January instead of later. 

Now a commercial message from John (I am asking him if he has anything he wants to say!):  I will be glad when this transplant business is all over and I can get back to my life.  

Well, I will get back with you tomorrow, or if I can't do an entry tomorrow because I am totally wiped out from the trip, in a day or two.

Love you all very much,

Krissy :)   


  1. Krissy and John I am praying for you both:) Can i send you a package? it will be after christmas?


  2. I certainly understand the issues with the meds as my father far exceeds his yearly allotment on meds and ends up paying an unGodly amount out of pocket.  I'm keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.  

  3. Krissy,
    You have mail.

  4. Krissy, I sent you a card (actually I'm mailing it tomorrow) but one of the things I wrote in it (before I read this) was that you would have peace in the new year with all that's going on. To find that you have that peace now; that is definitely a God thing!

    I know you are going to be wiped out and tired after tomorrow's events, but if you have a date, will you email me and let me know the date. That's all, just the date so I can keep that specific date in prayer. (I'm leaving Friday for San Diego and not sure how much I'll be checking journals between now and then)

    God bless you, Krissy and John. The Lord is with you. Like i said in my card, keep your eyes focused on Jesus; the author of your life.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Krissy Tell John we will all be glad when this transplant business is all over and he can truly get his life are both in my thoughts and prayers...Ally

  6. I'm praying that all will go well for you. and John. I do so hope the drug company will be willing to supply the drug he needs for free. It must be awful to rely on insurance for drugs, we don't have that problem here. You have a lot to do, I hope it isn't too tiring for you both. Jeannettexxxx.

  7. Oh I hope John can get the assistance from the drug company.  Most of them do have programs to help out.  With the nurse pushing the issue it just might go through.

    Prayers for both of you as you travel down this detour in life's road.

  8. John John... Awww, John my dear, I will be glad when this transplant business is over and you can get on with your life, dearest, John...I love you so are an inspiration to me, but you know that!!  I will pray that you will get the medication for free!  I will pray, pray, pray!  You guys know that I pray constantly for you...xox  Your dearest third part xox

  9. Ridiculous that there isn't a plan that will pay for all the drugs that John needs!!  Gosh, I do hope that the complany that makes the other one will let him have it for free, if I was them I would in an instant!!  Busy day for you both today, I hope that it all goes well honey.  Thinking of you.
    Sara   x

  10. I hope they let John have it for free Krissy.  It seems swings and roundabouts with insurance, not something you want at the minute, but I admire your talents to search things out.......John's in very loving hands with you beside him.  Take care both. Rache xx

  11. Thinking of you both and sending a sackful of wishes, for a trouble free transplant, and the means to pay for that drug. Take care of each other.
    Love Sylvia xx

  12. Hi Krissy,  my very best hopes and wishes go out to you both.  I very much hope that the drug situation will be sorted out very soon.  Thanks very much to you both for the Christmas card that arrived yesterday.  I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings with it health and happiness.  Take care.


    Sandra xxxxx

  13. Dearest Krissy,
    My hugs and strong prayers going out to you & your dear husband. A drug company once gave me a medicine I needed for free when I had no insurance and could not pay. I'm sharing this to let you know that it is definitely possible to get that Neupogen from the manufacturer who will send it directly to John's doctor. The drug company which did it for me had a special program set up for patients in that situation. Ofcourse, they don't advertise it.

    Anyhow, just a message of hope in this tough situation.  My love goes out to the both of you. May God bless and keep you.


  14. Hi Krissy and John,
    You and John are constantly in my prayers for all of this to be a huge success and John can get back to a normal life.  I think and will keep this in my prayers too, that the drug company does have compassion for John and give him his meds free.  I am confident they hang in their!  I want to wish you both a Merry Christmas and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR...with all the best coming your way! Hugs from Virginia always,

  15. Wow....hope all is going well.  So sad that you have to worry about the insurance plans at a time like this when there is so much other to do and so much on your mind.  Hope it all worked out and I'm sure you are resting from the big busy day.

  16. Hope the trip went as well as possible! Merry Christmas Krissy & John! Deb ;-)

  17. I do hope the drug company gives John the drug. If you need any support in your bid for asking them, I will email them and say how much he deserves it. Hope you both have a lovelyChristmas.........Jules xxxxxxxxxx

  18. Your always in my thoughts...
    Have a very merry Christmas!!
    Linda :)

  19. Krissy...go to
    needymeds .com
    They might find out a way to help you and talk to the doc about writting some of it off..good tax break for him.......Kasey

  20. Lucky for us, my daughter's private insurance covered the Neupogen for her, when she needed it.  The first time, we were told it was not covered; but then the pharmacy called and told us to come back and pick up our mom had paid for it, because like you and John, we could no way have paid for that every three weeks (which is what her chemo schedule was).  I hope it all works out.  I hope you can get the drug company to help...good luck!  JAE

  21. Sorry I am behind on my reading. This would make a great entry for As I Am if you are interested!