Monday, October 27, 2008

what this blog is about

Hi, this is Krissy :)

This blog contains posts I wrote from September, 2005 to June 2006.

Within this blog you'll find the ups and downs John went through as he battled cancer and made it through.

John discovered he had MDS (bone marrow cancer), went through treatment for it (chemo and a stem cell transplant), went through many complications, and has finally come out on the other side okay -- in remission.

This blog is my story as well as John's. As the events unfolded, I poured onto these pages my feelings, as well as the events that took place. Keeping this blog, as sort of a journal, was a great release for me. Having friends (and you online friends were the BEST) to give me feedback during this time was more than I could have asked for, and brought me the support and comfort I needed. For those of you who were there for me (and for John), and you KNOW who you are, I will be forever grateful.

During this time, I kept John's Journey With MDS going for another reason as well. I wanted to chronicle John's experiences as he went through this time in his life. I wanted a record. It is an important part of his life, and mine as well. So I am glad I kept it up.

Unfortunately, I didn't keep it up as diligently as I wish I would have. The story is still going on today, and I quit writing about it in June 2006. I just got busy I guess. And I got tired of keeping two blogs. So a lot of John's story -- of his fight against cancer -- is chronicled in another one of my blogs (my main blog), Sometimes I Think. If you would like to read more of John's story, all you need to do is check out my Sometimes I Think blog and pick up in there from the date where this blog left off. But keep in mind there are lots of other things I blog about besides John's story in Sometimes I Think. Sometimes I Think includes photo shoots, a question of the week every Monday, my daily life, and so much more! You'll have to wade through Sometimes I Think to read about the continuing saga of John!

And that is just what it does. It continues. Life with John continues. In January 2009 it will be three years since John has had his stem cell transplant (what used to be called a bone marrow transplant only a few years back). Most of the others who had an SCT in early 2006 when John did -- all the friends John came to know at the hospital there -- have since passed on. But John continues to fight. During the past three years, John has been hospitalized so frequently that, well, it has been something that we could never have imagined. And John's most recent hospitalization ended about a week ago. He was hospitalized for about three weeks. But you know what? He did get better. And his life goes on. So far he has been able to beat whatever has been thrown at him...

And he's in remission! From two cancers - Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and MDS. Yes, the SCT has put and kept both cancers into remission. So you can't beat that.

This story for John continues. But I don't think I will be updating here in John's Journey With MDS. If I do choose to blog about what goes on in John's life medically, I will start another blog for that purpose.

I am going to keep this blog for a record, however. I just won't be adding entries to it. If you'd like to read it, feel free. Comment if you'd like. Or not. I'm just glad I kept it up as a record...

If you would like to start at the beginning, you can start here: John's Journey With MDS and begin with the post entitled "My first entry".

And if you'd like to meet the original guy -- John -- of whom this blog is about, you can find his blog here: too stubborn to die. I hope this isn't being too presumptuous, but I think he'll be there when you go looking for his blog because, I wouldn't lie to you, he's too stubborn to die! That's my guy!

Love and take care, Krissy :)


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