Monday, February 27, 2006

Still waiting for results

Here it is almost three in the morning and I can't sleep.  Probably because I got too much sleep today.  I was sooo exhausted.  I didn't want to do anything so I just slept a lot.  And John rested too.  It was a nice lounging Sunday.

Tomorrow (Monday) when John goes to Day Hospital we are hoping to get the results of the Mixed Chimerism test.  The one that will show how much of his cells are the donor's and how much are his.  Wow, we thought we would get it back way before now.  Tomorrow will be two weeks and four days since the test was taken.  When they took it, they said it would take three days to get the results.  I asked Sue, the Nurse Practitioner, on the fourth day, what the results of the test were.  She just looked at me and told me it would take about two weeks to get the results back, because John had a male donor!  I was taken aback, because right before the transplant, before the cells were to enter John's body, the doctor performing the transplant and the attending nurse refused to tell us if his donor was male or female.  It is interesting to know more about the donor.  I have no idea why.  It makes him more personal that way. 

Anyway, if the donor were to have been a female, it would only have taken three days to get the test back.  There would not be as many chromosomes to match on a same sex donor.  When the donor is a same sex donor, you have to check out a lot more to see which are the donor's cells and which are the transplant recipient's.  It makes it harder to know whose cells are whose when they are the same sex.

So tomorrow is the big day when we find out.  Hopefully.  And then on the other hand, it is with some fear and apprehension.  Which is just plain silly, because all the worrying you do is pointless, because it doesn't change the results.  I don't know if I mentioned last entry, but they want to see 90% donor, and 10% John.  Or at least 70% donor at this point. 

So I will let you all know the results of the test.  And update you on some more things.  Soon. Really, lol.

nite nite, Krissy  :) 


  1. Krissy , good luck with the results, I pray they are in your favor.


  2. Good luck with the results i hope they are in your favour.Thinking of you both and praying for you both.

  3. Being away from home, you never get the rest you would - make sure to take care so you keep healthy.  I'll be praying that the results of the test is what it should be.  'On Ya' - ma

  4. keeping you in my prayers.


  5. hoping you get a good report on the results, Krissy.

    Sometimes lounging days are good; take care of yourself and John


  6. I'm still praying for a good result!  I'm glad you got some rest.  Lots of stuff happening on my end here.  I love you both!  Blessings, Penny

  7. Hi Krissy,  Thanks for the update,I hope you get the very best result. Thinking of you both, take care. :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  8. Glad to hear from you and John again. Praying that the result of the transplant will be beneficial for John.  

  9. Praying for great results


  10. Positive thoughts being sent your way...

  11. Oh I hope you let us know really soon what the results are!  Praying for you both...

    be well,

  12. Krissy,
    Please let us know as soon as you find out.  I hope the results are good.

  13. I am sending you both positive thoughts and prayers.     Dawn

  14. I'll be praying for positive results.
    Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!