Friday, October 21, 2005

Nov 20 Appointment Results

Well, John and I went to John's appointment at Hershey Medical Center yesterday.  The appointment ended up lasting three hours!  As soon as Dr. Claxton got into the room, he told John he wanted to do a bone marrow biopsy.  Immediately John became nervous.  This is understandable.  A bone marrow biopsy is a very painful procedure in which the oncologist removes some bone marrow, which he extracts from the patient's bone.  But John agreed to it after Dr. Claxton promised him morphine.  So John was given two atavan, a morphine drip, and a lot of local anesthetics.  And he took the biopsy real well.  It still hurt him, but he got by.  He was satisfied with the amount of pain he had to endure compared to previous biopsies he had had to have.   

John asked me to stay in the room with him.  So I did.  To be honest with you, I am traumatized right now.  I will not tell John this, but I think I am going to have nightmares for years.  I am tough and can take ANYTHING.  But I have never seen anything like this before.  It has to do with the tools they use to do the biopsy.  That is all I will say.  I don't like to see the one I love get hurt.  And yes, I will go in there again if John asks.  I just won't look next time, lol.

So Dr. Claxton asked us to call in about one week if he doesn't call first, to see the results of the biopsy.  The biopsy will indicate the progression of John's bone marrow cancer, and help to determine when the transplant needs to be done.  Barring an emergency, John doesn't have to come back for six weeks (Dec. 1).  So it looks like the transplant probably won't be immediately unless the slides show something drastic.  This is ok with me.  I would rather wait a little later in the winter.  And let John get prepared this Fall.  He says he needs the time.       

I did something that wasn't too bright at the appointment yesterday.  Because we were just concentrating on getting through the bone marrow biopsy, I forgot to ask Dr. Claxton ifJohn had a perfect match, lol.  I must have been out of my mind.  Stress does things like that to a person.  Between the biopsy and discussing the transplant, it completely slipped my mind to discuss it with him.  I am going to call Ruth, the nurse, today and ask her if John has a match.  

So all in all the appointment went fine.  John said the biopsy hurt way less at this place than the four other times that he had it done at the hospital here where we live.  He was really pleased with the morphine that he got at Hershey!  He was in some pain, but definitely could bear it.  So I will let you know in about a week how the biopsy went.

Oh, before I forget, John need prayers and good thoughts for something.  John is going for a test this morning at our local hospital.  Please don't mention this in my other journal as it is a Shhhhhhhhh. Why alarm everyone when it may come to nothing?  He found a lump and it might be cancer.  It is NOT related to the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and NOT related to the MDS.  If it is cancer, it will be a third kind of cancer.  He is having the test today and will not get the results until Oct. 27 (a week from today).  So prayers please, and thanks.  I will let you all know after we get the results.

How am I feeling about this?  Numb.  I refuse to let myself think.  Whatever is true is already true.  I can't change anything so I am not going to think about it right now.  

Well, I was going to end on a sort of a funny, but I don't feel like it anymore.  I hope this entry didn't bum everyone out.  I do have good news to share too.  I will do it soon.  One piece of news is that I may have a cool volunteer job, and I have a craft I am going to start!  I will tell you all about that soon.  And maybe I will tell you the funny tomorrow... 

Take care of yourself and each other, you all, Love, Krissy :)


  1. I will say my prayers for John. I can't image what all of this must be like for the 2 of you. You are a very strong woman. Brandie

  2. Krissy, I am sorry this was so difficult for both of you.  Glad the morphine worked.  I hope there is no third cancer.  Prayers and thoughts are with you both.  

  3. Praying for you both


  4. Krissy, you are a brave woman for being there with John when he had his biopsy. He will remember your willingness to be there to give him support and although it was unpleasant, I hope in time the memories of what you saw will fade. Praying for John that this lump will not be cancer; in fact praying it will go away totally.

    I'm so excited to hear what you will be doing for volunteering and a craft.

    The Lord has you on this journey (John's sickness etc) for some purpose. He will carry you through each step of it.


  5. So glad that the biopsy was not as painful. I pray that the lump is nothing.

  6. Seding love to you and John...

  7. Great news on the volunteer job, and the new craft!  Can't wait to hear all about them!  Your attitude about the lump is a good one.  Worrying will not change a thing...JAE

  8. Thank  you for adding me! I feel special! I am truely sorry about John's illness. My grandmother on my fathers side had this illness also. She was in her 60's and this was WAY back in the 80's when technology and science were not as awesome as it is today! I have faith that this will all work out!!! I WILL be keeping you BOTH in my prayers!!

  9. It's easy to forget to ask things Krissy when there's so many emotional things going on.  John did well, really well and brave and so did you.  Still in thoughts ((( ))) hope the test today goes ok. Rache xx

  10. Krissy you and John are continually in my thoughts.....Posted John a card to-day and the lady in the post office put a different stamp on it - I told her about John and she said to give him her regards....and she too will keep him in her thoughts as well....Ally

  11. My dear Krissy, I am glad that the appointment went well yesterday, and that John's biopsy wasn't as painful as the previous ones have been.  My hopes and prayers are with you both.  
    Take care m'dear.
    (((((((((( Krissy and John ))))))))))
    Sara   x

  12. My prayers and thought are with you both Krissy.


    Sandra xxxxx

  13. I think you are both so brave with all you are facing. I hope the results will come through positive for you. Take care, Jeannettexx.

  14. As always, we are praying, not only for John but for his lifemate as well.  We love you and think of you daily.  Blessings, Penny

  15. Krissy,I can well imagine you are traumatised. .a similar thing happened to me and I so learned not to look though I will always go with him.I am still praying for John that all will be well.Good luck to you both

  16. Thinking of you and keeping you in my heart, both of you. I will ring very soon Krissy, might sound a bit like a Scotsman on a bad day, instead of my usual Bucks brawl, but have sore throat and cold. Tonight I also hurt my ribs - opening the freezer lol. At least I had an ice pack ready and waiting. Keep smiling with me.
    Sylvia xx

  17. You guys are always in my thoughts...
    Yeah on the new cool volunteer job and waiting to hear the other good news and the funny too...
    Linda :)

  18. God be with you both krissey and comfort and give you peace. God is able to do all things and he is with you remeber that ok


  19. Of course my prayers are with you and John and the biggest cyber bear hug I can send.

  20. sorry for how everything is going but it sounds like everything is working out alright but will continue to pray

  21. Please tell John he and you both are in my prayers...I know you have so much to deal with but you both are doing great...John, stay strong...hugs galore coming for you both!

  22. Krissy, thanks for inviting me here. I just admire your strength through all of these tests and hospital visits. Praying for you and John. Yes, I also read about the good news about you guys finding bone marrow donors. Yay!!!